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6/28/15 - Peter Mulvey wrote a beautiful song about the shootings at the AME church in Charleston, SC.  He asked folks to write their own second verse based on something that moved them about the whole event.  Here’s my version (by the way, this one is captioned.  Just hit on the small CC at the bottom of the video):

12/15:  I’ve always loved the original version of Auld Lang Syne, but didn’t feel I could sing it correctly in the original Scots.  So here’s my version, in English, singing with the fabulous Joe Jencks.

1/14/14: Singing Blundering Towards Heaven at my CD release party at the Two Way Street Coffeehouse in Downers Grove, IL w/ SongSisters Patti Shaffner & Sue Fink, fiddler Jordi Kleiner, and bassist John Abbey.

4/13: My first appearance at the Two Way Street Coffeehouse, singing Passing the Divine - Downers Grove, IL

6/10: I was honored to receive 1st runner up in the Music2Life Songwriting Competition run by Liz Sunde and her father, Noel Paul Stookey.  Here’s a video showcasing all of the finalists when we played down at the Kerrville Music Festival in Texas.

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