Now It's Time

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Amy's first CD, released in 2008. There are a lot of people who have helped me realize this dream - Mark Dvorak, John Abbey, Steve Dawson, Sue Demel, Jennifer Armstrong, Cathy Kuna, Carlos Cornier and, of course, my wonderful family.  Now I get to share it with all of you.

"I received your CD today.  It's brilliant!!!  I love the way it just takes you here, then there, then back again, both emotionally and musically.  Your voice brought such a feeling of contentment over me and the harmonies, oh those harmonies!  The instrument work is spot on and the recording quality lovely, so rich and warm.  It immediately found it's way to the top shelf of my CD rack.  When is the next?"

-Ed Saultz,

“Your CD is so good.  I really enjoy how you set a mood and take the listener away.” 
Lilli Kuzma, WDCB Folk Festival

"I am in my cozy office on this beautiful sunny winter morn, listening to your new CD and it's wonderful!
My favorite (today) is Light of the Morning Sun........well, no, wait, it's Passing the Divine....or.....Strangers!
It's ALL lovely. Congrats to you on a beautifully creative accomplishment!!!"
~ Sharon Speziale, 
Someplace Else Concert Series

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