Now It’s Time Lyrics

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Now It’s Time   -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007  Asharta Music/ASCAP   

The music never died, it was just buried alive
And now it’s time for a resurrection
Now it’s time
Just when I balance light, what happens come the night
And now it’s time for a resurrection
Not it’s time for

Who knows how to do the too much to do
When can I sing about what not to sing for you

Green fire burns across the sky, I take it as a sign
that now it’s time for my resurrection
Now it’s time
How can we begin to wash away what we always 
thought as sin
And now it’s time for our resurrection
Now it’s time for

Morning Quiet  -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2006  Asharta Music/ASCAP   

I’m seeing five o’clock again
The sun it starts to rise
Smilin’ on my family’s faces sleeping, dreaming
It’s time to start my day

The geese are still out on the water
Not time for them to fly
Get myself a cup of tea and sit down by the window
And think about my day
How I’ll go about my day

Morning quiet on my own
Morning hours for thought and song
Until life’s voices wake up and call to me

The baby wakes up crying wild
She crawls into my arms
Settles down again so peaceful dreaming
It’s gonna be a good day

The River’s wind is blowin’ in
Trees bless me with their song
I thank them all for the gifts they give to me
Before I go about my day
I thank them for my day

Light of the Morning Sun   -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007  Asharta Music/ASCAP   

She was lost in a field of flowers
And she could dance in the rain for hours 
And she would pause as the twilight sang its song
And she would walk down the streets at midnight
And dream of leaving the world behind in flight
Believing she never had to belong

But in the light of the morning sun
She had to face what she had done
And he would ask her one more time
Where she’s gone

And she would run to that field of flowers 
And she would dance in the rain for hours
And he would hold her, left alone again
And he would be there to see her through it
When she was ready to come back to him
And they would pick up the pieces once again

Chorus (2x)

Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues  - Ida Cox ©1924  Universal Music Corp

These women always ravin’ ‘bout their monkey men
‘Bout their triflin’ husbands and their no good friends
Peaceful women sit around all day and moan
Wondering why their wanderin’ poppas don’t come home
Wild Women don’t worry, Wild Women don’t get the blues.

I’ve got me a disposition, got a way of my own
If my man don’t like it he can find a new home
I’ll go out and drink good whiskey walk the streets all night
Come home and kick my man out if he don’t treat me right
Wild women don’t worry, wild women don’t get the blues.

You’ll never get nothin’ by bein’ an angel child
Girls you better change your way of livin’ and get real wild
You know I’m gonna’ tell you something and girls 
I’d tell you no lie
Wild women are the only ones who ever get by
Wild women don’t worry, Wild women don’t get the blues

Passing the Divine  – Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007Asharta Music/ASCAP 

Is my life controlled by fate or is it something I have to find?
Is it in the everyday, am I passing the divine?
And do I really want to know?

Busy woman walking down the street
Young child crying by the side
She’s thinking work and just walks on
Is she passing the divine?
Man he’s sitting on his train just reading the New York Times
Avoiding all the eyes around him, is he missing the divine?
And do they really want to know?

Little looks little turns little ways you know God is in the detail
Little things what you do what you say

Busy woman and New York Times man
Bump each other on the street
Give a nod and just walk on then they turn and their eyes meet
Am I meant to help this person?  Could this be my time?
And if I just walk away am I passing the Divine?
And they both really want to know

Child of Three Mothers  -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007Asharta Music/ASCAP   

For nine months you lay in my womb and my heart
I felt as your new soul did quicken and start
At last you were born and my life it did break
In sorrow, I knew the choice I must make
I’ll love you forever my sweet little flower
I did what I had to, it was not in my power
To save you, to keep you, to have you, my own
My culture had spoken, I’m your mother unknown

Child of three mothers, oceans apart
Threads bound so tightly, find peace in your heart

A beautiful baby, not yet one day old
Left on the steps in the night and the cold
You came to me lost and I gave you my care
My fosterling child, there’s room for you here
I saw your first smile and dried your first tears
I held you and rocked you to settle your fears
Bur my sweetest of babes, I couldn’t pretend
That I could keep you here with me, I knew it would end


The first time I held you, you screamed out your fear
Another strange woman, the third one this year
But we started to learn each other’s new ways
For we would be bonded the rest of your days
We carried you home to a place of your own
A brother, a father, a world to be shown
Now I’m Mama to you and I always will be
And we are for you, forever family


Three mothers who love you, none more than the rest
Three mothers live in you, they give you their best
Three mothers to guide you, to help you grow strong
They share in your life, and they helped write your song

Woman, Sing  -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2006Asharta Music/ASCAP   All Rights Reserved

Woman, close your eyes, we know what’s made you weep.
No need to disguise, you’re searching down so deep
You’ve been traveling hard out on your own
Searching for home
But it’s time to sing Woman, sing 

Lonely is the road you’re on but you are not alone
Women all around the world have trod the same
Held down by all our cares, too many we can name
Makes your dreams sink like a stone
But still you sing Woman, sing

Voice robbed by circumstance, visions put on hold
Desire left to live another day
Your wings clipped by the ordinary, there’s nothing more to say
You’ve got to let your dreams unfold

Deep in your heart you know the music’s never died
The dream lies dormant but it still survives
The Fiddler’s tune lifts you up on seabird’s wings
Your soul starts to sing
So it’s time to sing  Woman, sing

Your path is your own
Your time has come
Your dreams they soar to meet the song
The world, so small below you
Cries to sing along
Cries to sing
So help them sing  Woman, sing
It’s time to sing

For Harper/I’ll Fly Away
For Harper -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2006 Asharta Music/ASCAP   All Rights Reserved
I'll Fly Away - ©1929 Albert E. Brumley, Abert E. Brumley and Sons/Hartford Music/arranged Dixon-Kolar

One bright morning, when this life is over, I’ll fly away
To that home on God’s celestial shore, I’ll fly away

I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away (in the morning)
When I die, hallelujah bye and byeI’ll fly away

Like a bird from prison walls has flown, I’ll fly away
To that land where sorrow’s never known, I’ll fly away


Just a few more weary days and then, I’ll fly away
To that home where joy will never end, I’ll fly away


Roads of Home  -Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007Asharta Music/ASCAP   

Sittin’ out here since half past ten
Just waiting for my life to begin again
Drivin’ down these old roads of home.

Mary came back late last spring
Since she’s been home she ain’t said a damn thing
Drivin’ down these old roads of home.

You tell me you love me, you say it’s really true
But honey, you forget how well I know you
Drivin’ down these old roads of home.

I’ve seen the lilacs come and go, come and go
Measuring the years like the crops and the snow
Driving down these old roads of home.

To Each Generation A Rose – Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007  Asharta Music/ASCAP   

In her life she’s been touched by roses
In her life she’s been wounded by the thorns
In her life she’s seen wonder in the lightening
And sorrow in the storms.
Mother gives to daughter, daughter does the same
It’s all in the name

Her grandma planted roses so many years ago
But she never really had the time to watch them grow
Now it’s her turn to plant a garden, wondering what will be
She’ll just have to wait and see

Every generation has a story she can tell 
about the beauty of the rose
Roses have always blossomed in my family tree
That beauty will live on long after me

Her garden grew and flourished with love and tender care
Through storm and sun and rain, she was always there
Then the seeds were scattered to take root on their own
Knowing that the Rose was there for them at home
Mother gives to daughter, daughter does the same
It’s all in the name

Now her daughters stand and each proudly hold a rose
Love passed down from those who’ve come before
Where that love will blossom next no one can really know
But we’re sure it will grow and grow.
Mother gives to daughter, daughter does the same
It’s all in the name


And my mother gave to her daughters
Her daughters gave the same
It’s all in the name

Strangers  – Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007  Asharta Music/ASCAP   

Strangers, I was feeling oh so poorly 
You came with a touch, with a healing hand
Strangers, when I fell you were at my side
With your loving strength you helped me to stand

Why would you do that?  Who am I to you?
You don’t know me, I don’t know you
We’re just strangers passing down the road
You don’t know me, I don’t know you
We’re just strangers passing down the road

Strangers, I had a song to sing
You were there to join me, raised your voices strong
Strangers, there’s a tale I just had to tell
You listened and you passed my story on.


I don’t know your name, but we cried together
Held each other close to ease our pain
Entertaining hosts of angels unaware
Arm in arm we face a world of

Strangers, now I know that I’ve got the word all wrong
You’re the smiling eyes that I’ve yet to meet
Strangers, letting hearts and minds come together as one
For the time we have here to move the journey on.

Why should we do that?
Because of who you are to me
You’re my brother, you’re my sister
Not some stranger passing down the road
You’re my brothers, you’re my sisters
Not some strangers passing down the road
You’re my brother, you’re my sister, not some stranger

Wild Mountain Thyme - traditional, arrangement by Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2007 ASCAP

Oh the summertime is coming
And the trees are sweetly blooming
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the purple heather
Will ye go, lassie, go?

And we’ll all go together
To pluck wild mountain thyme
All around the bloomin’ heather
Will ye go, lassie, go?

I will build my love a bower
Near yon pure crystal fountain
And on it I will pile
All the flowers of the mountain.
Will ye go, lassie, go?


If my true love he were gone
I would surely find another
Where the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the bloomin’ heather
Will ye go , lassie, go?


If My Life Were a Book  – Tom Dundee ©1979 Jack of Hearts Music , BMI   Used by permission

If my life were a book and all my time were the pages
Of all the chances I took and all the chapters of my ages
The corners would be folded that told of me and you
And the pages would be tattered from the times 
I read them through
And that’s how my time would look
If my life were a book.

If my love were a bell, a Sunday morning mountain valley
I would search where it fell, in the green forests
the city streets and alleys
When the air’s so silent you can feel it in your ears
You could hear it ringing so you’d know that I was near
And that’s how you could tell, if my love were a bell

When my words and sounds must go, 
I would leave something of me
I would want you to know how much I love you
I really love you
Words can be forgotten and sounds can spread and fade
We could keep on going in the dust of the things we made
But I would want you to grow, when it’s time for me to go
I would want you to grow, when it’s time for me to go

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