Radio Play

Request Amy on your favorite Folk Radio show!  She has been heard on these and other shows/stations:

WBEZ: Eight Forty-Eight w/Richard Steele
WDCB: The Folk Festival w/Lilli Kuzma
WNUR: The WNUR Folk Show w/Kathy Kelly
WPR: Simply Folk w/Tom Martin-Erickson
KVMR: Click Your Heels Together w/Ruby Slippers
WPRB: Music You Can't Hear on the Radio w/John Weingart
KOPN: Sunday Morning Coffeehouse w/Steve Jerrett
WCVF: General Eclectic w/Tom Bingham
KVMR: Nevada City Limits w/Dennis Brunnenmeyer
WGBU: The Folk Show w/David Sears
WRUR & WITH: A Variety of Folks w/ Ray Baumler
WGDR: Acoustic Harmony - "Now It's Time" named one of the top 20 releases for May, 2009
WXOU: Old Front Porch Radio Show w/Maggie Ferguson
VPR (Vermont Public Radio): All The Traditions w/Robert Resnik
KGNU: Restless Mornings w/Roger Wise
KUSU: Fresh Folk w/Blair Larsen
KFOK-LPFM: Click Your Heels Together w/Mara Noelle

And on internet radio shows:
A3Radio w/Tom Saunders
Joe's Music Lab - Huntley Community Radio w/Joe Lewis
Whole Wheat Radio
Women of Substance Radio: WOS Folk
RadioWayne: Wayne Greene - Live365

This list is continually growing.  If you know of a station/ show that has played my music and you don't see it here, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.  I know there are a number of Internet stations playing my music, but I don't have their links.  If you do, send them along!

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